Mary Sparrow

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mary Sparrow 


DISCLAIMER!!>>> Ok folks, I goofed.. I decided to try textured  Gessoboard as I like working on wood panels from time to time.. I paint this little painting and thoroughly enjoyed it only to discover when I picked it up that there is a little 'groove' in the back for easy hanging, and because my other panels do not have grooves, it did not occur to me to check the back to figure out if there was a certain direction the painting should be.. So, if you end up with it.. you will have to hang it the old fashioned way! Sorry.. so, as a result I have no choice but to start the bidding at ELEVEN CENTS!.. have fun!
(my little goof up in no way affects the painting itself)

This painting was completed Thursday, July 9..
PLEASE NOTE... These boards take about 10 days to dry, this painting will be shipped out on or about July 21. Have fun! 


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