Mary Sparrow

Monday, April 20, 2015

GOOD MORNING world!.. I don't have anything up for auction today, this is really just a quick thank you for all the years of support and to let you know I have finally CLEANED up some things.
I had just been coming in for so long and posting the auctions from behind the scenes I was never looking at what the blog part actually looked like and it was a disaster! So.. hopefully everything is clean and uncluttered and all links actually work?.. If you see something that doesn't.. then let me know.

We are merging the old "" site and the "" site to be just ... don't be surprised to see the format change from time to time as we are still trying to work it all out, but I invite you to stop by and see!

I am offering 25% off ANY custom work right now as a "Mother's Day" special.. so if you've been thinking of having one done let me know and please share with anyone that may be interested.

Again, thank you for the years of support you have all shown me, makes what I do even more special! xoxoxoxo ... Mary

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