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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Well.... the under cover westie went as fast as it went up.. so, I decided to put this study up..

I started it a few days ago as a cross between a test (was trying a new support) and a study for a larger more detailed painting.

As you all know, I  sorta have a thing for dogs, I was roaming around the internet one night and discovered the wonderful photography of underwater dogs by Seth Casteel.. if you aren't familiar with his work you MUST look him up and see his incredible photography of our favorite four legged friends.

A few days later in one of my requests for inspiration some images were submitted to me of an airedale.. they were simply put, - beautiful. I asked if she took them and she then explained to my utter amazement that they had been taken by Seth Casteel himself! I couldn't believe it!. So I wrote him a note and asked if he would give me permission to paint from the photos she shared and he replied with a "Go For It".. so I am completely thrilled to be able to dig into her pile of pictures.

While I was waiting for my next fed-ex shipment to come with some canvas, I had a few 11x14 boards that have one of my favorite linens on them, so I thought I'd test them out... Sadly, I can't say I love the stuff, .. they just didn't allow me to move the paint around like I like, so when I repaint this you will probably barely recognize it.. but the study itself, while it doesn't do Mr. Casteel's original photo justice, .. did turn out to be a pretty cute little  painting. .... Stay tuned for the bigger better version in the coming days or weeks.

In the meantime... here is "Life is Good".. a study, 11x14 on linen panel.

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Marcia said...

"I sorta have a thing for dogs" you say... I think it is more than a thing, it is an all out gift! Even though I am a Westie girl through and through, I am just amazed that no matter what the breed, your technique lends something to their own characteristics that, in my opinion can not be matched by anyone I have seen to date!