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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Well.. Today is my birthday.. and I woke to a very nice suprise, this article was written and circulated throughought the county where I live today... Just thought I'd share with this list for those of you that don't know much about me....

What’s Up In Shelby - Mary Sparrow Smith – portrait artist

When Mary Sparrow Smith breaks out her paintbrush you can be sure she is about to create something very special. Mary is an artist. She paints on walls, canvas and paper, painting all subjects such as landscapes, animals and people portraits.

To just say Mary paints portraits is an understatement. She captures the very essence of a personality with her paintbrush. Her portraits are destined to become family heirlooms.

Mary started her career as a Graphic Artist/Illustrator for Spectator Magazine in Raleigh. That was back in the early 1990’s. For fun she was painting murals and custom painted furniture. She says, “Along the way I was fortunate to have a few amazing friends who pushed me to try painting things I didn’t believe I was able to do, portraiture being one of them.”

Murals have been a big part of Mary’s artwork. Murals take a great deal of planning even before the actual work is begun. Mary said, “After my client chooses a design, I have to calculate the size to fit the wall space while keeping the subject to scale. I work on scaffolding to reach the top of an area and sometimes even flat on my back to get details for lower images.”

People portraits and murals are just two facets of Mary’s portfolio. She is the mother of three. In order to be a stay-at-home parent, Mary has chosen to put mural painting on hold for now. She has marketed her portrait art via the Internet. “Through the Internet I have found a niche market for pet painting and portraits. I am very grateful for the interest in my pet portraits and donate a portion of my earnings to animal rescues. ” Added Mary, “It seems I have developed a wonderful little following of amazing customers…when I got my own dog, he received gifts from all over the globe…Japan, England, Australia and all across the United States. I couldn’t believe it.”

Although Mary really loves painting animals her real passion is portraiture. “There is something very satisfying about capturing the spirit of a person on canvas,” says Mary. Until recently she had focused primarily on children, with her own children being captured during each stage of their lives.

Last summer Mary was introduced to Mrs. Don (Bobbie) Gibson. Mrs. Gibson was looking for an artist to capture the heart and soul of her late husband in a portrait to hang in the new performing arts center in Shelby, The Don Gibson Theatre.

Mary did capture the heart and soul of Don Gibson. She also captured the twinkle in his piercing green eyes. Any angle from which you view this portrait, Don’s eyes are looking at you. Frame Masters Gallery was commissioned to custom frame Don’s portrait and install it in the main hall of the Don Gibson Theatre.

To see what amazing portraits Mary has painted visit her web site To schedule a portrait phone 704-480-8899 or email with any questions.

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