Mary Sparrow

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

$11:11 on the 11th!!!!!

OK>>> Spring cleaning time.. they say it is not at all unusual for an artist to be surrounded by clutter, but I am embarrassed to admit that .. enough is ENOUGH~!!!!!!.. SO, since the number 11 is my favorite number, and today is the 11th.. I decided to clean out my studio... starting this morning, I am going through my studio, any recent paintings that didn't go in their first time on the auction block as well as any other older paintings I come across will be put up for auction starting at only $11:11!!!!!...

SO, go check out what has been put up, and keep coming back through out the week, as there is no telling what I am going to pull from my studio. I need a fresh start~

Click HERE to be taken to auctions...

Have fun. :)

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