Mary Sparrow

Monday, January 11, 2010

Looking for some inspiring furry faces!.... Most of you found me because of your love for a particular breed I paint, and I will continue to paint these..and always welcome any pictures you would like to share for potential references for paintings. I am also wanting to paint some other breeds as well, so if you own, or know of someone who has one of the following breeds and would like to share your favorite photos of these furry friends please send your digital photos to

If I choose to use one of your photos, you will be notified that it has been used. By sending me your photos you are giving me permission to use your photo as a reference for a painting for sale via set price OR auction format. You will be notified that the painting has been painted, but will in no way be obligated to purchase the painting itself.

I am currently looking for images of

Boston Terriers
Norwich Terrier
and Tri Colored corgi's

I also want images of working breeds.... In particular

Great Pyrenees
Great Dane
St Bernard

Please only send photos that have been taken without a flash... I particularly love photos that capture the dog's personality!

and for the cat lovers..... if you have a beauty, send it on!


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