Mary Sparrow

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hi fellow DOG LOVERS!! I hope all is well and is having a wonderful summer. I am busy revamping my studio and have my three kids home from school, so life is busy! I am also going into business with an interior design studio as another avenue for my paintings as well as in the beginning stages of co-create a children's book series.... looks very promising, don't be suprised if you don't see Harry as one of the main characters!

So, as you can see, I have my hands in many pies at the moment, but am planning to carve out some time very soon to get some more original dog paintings up on the auction block. I am working on having some of my more recent paintings offered as prints, so be watching for these to be available. I have put a couple, along with some of the older popular ones up for auction starting at half price this week and will continue to add them as they are available.

I am also offering a little "Christmas in July" offer.... anyone interested in commissioning an original of your pet will get a 20% discount off of the listed commissioned prices if commissioned before July 31st 2009..., please visit my website at and see the fee page for current pricing. Now would be a good time to lock in a spot on my schedule if you are considering one as a Christmas gift also...Please sign my guestbook there too if you stop by!

Wanted to share with you what is on my easel... smile...this is my daughter, the little ballerina.. is not quite finished..but almost!!.

Have a GREAT day!

Mary and Harry the studio westie.

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